#1 - Guess the Day Problem

In one small town, there is a liar who lies on six days of the week. But on the seventh day he always tells the truth. He made the following statements on three successive days:
Day 1: 'I lie on Monday and Tuesday.'
Day 2: 'Today, it's Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday.'
Day 3: 'I lie on Wednesday and Friday.'
What day does the guy tell the truth?

He speaks the truth on Tuesdays.

The assertions of Day 1 and Day 3 can't both be true.
Else there would be two truth days: Day 1 and Day 3.
So he cannot lie on all four days mentioned: M T W and F.
The truth day is M T W or F.

The assertions of Day 1 and Day 3 also can't both be false.
Else the truth day would be M or T and also would be W or F, making two truth days.
The truth day is Day 1 or Day 3.

The assertion of Day 2 can't be true.
Else there would be two truth days: Day 2 and Day 1 or Day 3.
Negating Day 2's statement, we see that
Day 2 is M, T, W or F.

Day 2 can't be T or W.
Else Day 1 would be M or T, on which days he claims to lie. A paradox.

Day 2 can't be F.
Else Day 1 would be Th on which he claims to lie M T, and Day 3 would be Sat on which he claims to lie W F.
This makes two truth days: Day 1 or Day 3 [Thu or Sat] and M, T, W or F.
Day 2 is M.
The truth day is Sun or T.

The truth day can't be Sun.
Else, on Day 3 he lies about lying on both W and F, creating two truth days: Sun and W or F.
The truth day is T.


Day 1 [Sun] I lie on M T. [a lie - he speaks truth on T] - OK
Day 2 [Mon] It's Th, Sat or Sun. [a lie - it's M] - OK

#2 - Bus Driver Problem

ok let's say you're driving a bus and it's empty. At the first stop two(2) people get on. At the second stop five(5) people get on and one(1) person exits. At the third stop six(6) people get on and four(4) people exit. How old is the bus driver?

I M driver , i know my age

#3 - Pouring water Problem

Given three bowls: bowl A (8 liters capacity) filled with 5 liters of water; bowl B (5 liters capacity) filled with 3 liters of water; and bowl C (3 liters capacity) filled with 2 liters of water.
Can you measure exactly 1 liter, by transferring the water only 2 times?

1st Pour 1 litre from bowl A to bowl C. Thus 4 litres are left in the bowl A and bowl C is full (3 litres).
2nd Pour 2 litres from bowl C to bowl B. Doing that you have full bowl B (5 litres) and there is 1 litre left in bowl C.

#4 - SALE ON Problem

There is a shop that reads:
Buy 1 for $1.00
10 for $2.00
100 for $3.00
I needed 913 and still only paid $3.00. How could this be financially viable for the shop-keeper?

They are numbers for houses and it's $1 per digit.

#5 - Sum Problem

The more you take away from it the larger it gets. What is it?

What comes next?
4.7 12.1 13.22

#6 - Sequence Problem

What comes next?
4.7 12.1 13.22


This would mean the sequence would go like this: 4.7 12.1 13.22 35.35 (which is 13.22 + 22.13).

#7 - Killer Problem

The sister died on a sunday night, but no one knew who did it. The mom was in her garden picking flowers. The dad was with the cook. The cook was surrounded by knives. The kid was at school. Who did it?

kid, school are not open on Sunday

#8 - Totally Wrong Problem

3 friends went to buy a clock and they contributed $20 each for the $ 60 clock
later the shopkeeper discovered that it was of $ 50 only and sent a servant to return them $ 10. The servant unable to divide 10 among the 3, keeps $4 for himself and gives them 2$ each.
so now each friends expenditure is $ 18 only 18*3=54 so $ 54 given by the friends and 4 $ are with the servant
total = 54+4 = 58. Where did 2$ go??

ur mind is thinking just of what each got
rather we should see where the amount goes 18*3=54 is what they spent and 6 is what they were reimbursed so total = 60
money given to the servant gets automatically accounted for, as the shares of friends gets reduced.

#9 - Word Riddle Problem

A word I know,
Six letters it contains,
Subtract just one,
And twelve is what remains.


#10 - Age Problem

Harish, Manish and Priyanka are three children in the same family. Priyanka is three times Manish's age. In two years, she will be twice the age Harish will have at that time. Harish is a year older than Manish. How old are the children?

Say H is Harish age , M Manish age and P Priyanka age

By Solving
Harish :5yrs
Manish :4yrs
Priyanka :12yrs