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Jacket Problem

There are 2 jackets browed by 3 person for 30 days they decide to wear these jackets 20 days each person how can they do it?

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  1. Suppose three guys are X, Y and Z.

    First 10 days, X and Y.

    Second 10 days, X and Z.

    Final 10 days Y and Z will use the jackets.

  2. I think the answer is:
    let's say the 3 people are A,B and C.
    and the 2 jackets are X and Y.
    first, A will wear X for 20 days
    then, B will wear Y for 10 days then B will give his jacket for C to wear it for 10 days, after the 10 days C will turn the jacket to B and he ( C ) will take the A's Jacket for 10 days.
    in this case A will wear X for 20days
    and B will wear Y for 20days
    and C will wear X and Y for 10 days each