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October Video Riddle

October Video Riddle - 1 October

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will be updated on 2nd or 3rd oct


  1. whats the ans of this video puzzle

  2. There are still only 12 men. In case where you see 13, it is because 13th man is been created by taking some part of other 12 men.
    e.g. When you see 13 men, look at the left most man (his head is slightly off).

  3. Why is this unsolved? The answer in October is correct. With the second picture, each of the 12 men lost a 1/12 sliver of each of them. You can easily see the top of the head sliver and the bottom of the shoe slivers missing. Next look for the top of the shoe to get smaller after the transition on another person. You can then keep finding the pieces that shifted to end up making the last man. Also you can measure the heights of the 12 men and 13 men and see the total height is the same .