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Hard Maths Riddle

Hard Maths Riddle - 8 November

Using the digits 1 up to 9, two numbers must be made. The product of these two numbers should be as large as possible. All digits must be used exactly once. Which are the requested two numbers. ?

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  1. The requested two numbers are 87531 and 9642

    And the product of these two numbers is 843973902

  2. As the product should be as large as possible, the difference should be minimum. So using 1 to 9 digits only once , the two numbers are: 987654321 and 987654312 ; the product is: 9.75 x 10^17.

  3. first no. is 954321 and the second no. is 876 and the product is 835985196
    I hope this will be the best answer

    1. oh just i saw an early answer and my answer is not correct