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One Correct Answer

One Correct Answer - 30 November

Here are three answers:
1. Answer A
2. Answer A or B
3. Answer B or C

There is only one correct statement.Identify It ?

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  1. 3.Answer B or C ... because if 2.Answer A or B is correct then 1.Answer A is also correct in 50 percent chances.

  2. Statement 3 is correct as only one can be correct and statements 1 and 2 both contain A

  3. Answer B or C is correct statement
    If 1 is correct means 2 is also correct, which is not true
    So A should not be the answer
    If 2 is correct (B is answer) means, again there are 2 possibilities
    So 3 is correct

  4. Nils Ingar ArvidsenNovember 30, 2011 at 6:06 PM

    3 Nils Ingar Arvidsen

  5. ans)
    3rd statement is correct i.e; answer B or C

    We can also conclude that if the 3rd sentence is given as 'answer is C' then it will be more perfect.

  6. Answer 3 because if you replaced the numbers with letters, then its answer b or c, and b includes a so you would be choosing all the answers, therefor, you would get at least one right.

  7. You're so right!