#1 - Sound Riddle

Can you figure out the logic I used to decide the order of the following words:

gun, shoe, spree, door, hive, kicks, heaven, gate, line, den

Sound Riddle

Each word rhymes with its numeric position in the list. (e.g. 'gun' rhymes with 'one', etc.)

#2 - Silly Riddle

Can you name four days which start with the letter 'T'?

Silly Riddle

Tuesday, Thursday, today, and tomorrow!

#3 - Very Confusing Riddle

What is broken, every time it's spoken?

Very Confusing Riddle


#4 - Unsolvable Riddle

In a contest, four fruits (an apple, a banana, an orange, and a pear) have been placed in four closed boxes (one fruit per box). People may guess which fruit is in which box. 123 people participate in the contest. When the boxes are opened, it turns out that 43 people have guessed none of the fruits correctly, 39 people have guessed one fruit correctly, and 31 people have guessed two fruits correctly.
How many people have guessed three fruits correctly, and how many people have guessed four fruits correctly

Unsolvable Riddle

It is not possible to guess only three fruits correctly: the fourth fruit is then correct too! So nobody has guessed three fruits correctly and 123-43-39-31 = 10 people have guessed four fruits correctly.

#5 - Photo Riddle

What is the word or phrase?

Photo Riddle

Forgive and Forget

#6 - Math Puzzle

You have 1023 apples and 10 bags. You have to distribute these lemons in these 10 bags in any way you choose. But when I ask for a certain number of lemons you have to give them in terms of bags without transferring the lemons from other bags. How do you distribute the lemons?

Math Puzzle

Starting with 1 apple in a bag, each bag contains double the number of apples as the previous bag. ie 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512. That way whatever number of apples I would ask for you would just add up the bags to equal the number asked.

#7 - Hard Photo Puzzle

What is the word or phrase??

Hard Photo Puzzle

Stand up and be counted

#8 - Science Murder Riddle

A man was going to bleach his socks because they had gotten muddy the day before. As he was pouring the bleach into the washing machine, he spilled some on the floor. He got some cleaning fluid and mopped it up with a rag. Minutes later he was dead. What killed him?

Science Murder Riddle

When you mix bleach and ammonia [found in most cleaning products] it creates a deadly gas that can kill.

#9 - Good Science Riddle

Many have heard it, but nobody has ever seen it, and it will not speak back until spoken to. What is it?

Good Science Riddle

An Echo

#10 - Age Riddle

Sonal had her birthday in the year 2000 she became 8 years old. But she was born in the year 2008.
How can you explain this?

Age Riddle

She was born 2008 BC