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TinTin Puzzle

TinTin Puzzle - 8 December

TinTin has eleven friends.He has a bowl containing eleven apples. Now He want to divide the eleven apples to his friends, in such a way that a apple should remain in his bowl.
How can He do it?

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  1. Tin Tin is himself the eleventh friend so he would have the eleventh apple in his bowl.

  2. Prepare Shakes with 10 apples & devide. So one will remain in the bowl....:-)

  3. Bake apple pie(s) with 10 of the apples and keep one in the bowl!

  4. nup ol answers before are wrong.... He will give ten apples to any of his 10 frns.... N he will give d last frnd an apple in his bowl simple....

  5. i agree he will give each of his friends an apple but keep one of the in the bowl
    it is pretty easy when you think about it

  6. first 10 friends will get each apple and the 11th one will get the apples with the bowl.