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Long Story Puzzle

Long Story Puzzle  - 13 May

Nisha was sitting at her study table, alone , on a dark night. Her parents had taken a flight earlier in the morning to chelsea as her grandfather had passed away.
she was alone because she need to study for her exam tomorrow.

While studying , she heard a noise and got out of her room and looked around when suddenly, without warning, she was grabbed by the neck.
She tried to free herself but was of no use.
"Give me all your money!" shouted the man who had grabbed her from behind.
Nisha cried "leave me ...there is no one at home"

Suddenly the phone rang.

Nisha asked the intruder to allow her to pick the phone as people will get alarmed if she dosn't pick the phone.
"Alright, but dont try to be clever" replied the intruder.

Nisha walked toward the phone.She picked up the phone.
"Hey nisha How's the revision going?" said the caller. "Hey prinks thanks for the call. Hey you know those Science notes I lent you last week? Well I really need them back. It would be a great help to me. It's an emergency, so if you could give me them tomorrow it would be great. Please hurry in finding the notes. I need to get back to my books now. Bye," Nisha said. She hung up the phone.

"It was wise of you not to say anything," said the intruder.
"Now TELL ME WHERE THE MONEY IS KEPT!" screamed the thief.

"' my dad's room. The first room on the right. Third drawer," said Nisha.

"SHOW me!" said the man, and removed his grip around her neck. She took a big gulp of air and nearly fell. She swallowed hard and said a silent prayer. She walked slowly, in silence, toward her father's room. All of a sudden, they heard police sirens. The intruder froze in his footsteps. He ran to the nearest window and jumped out of it.

Nisha ran outside in time to see the intruder being escorted into the car. She saw prinks and she ran toward her and hugged her.

"Smart kids," said the policeman.

What had happened?

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  1. It's nothing but chemistry between Nisha and Prinks. Nisha talked very smartly with Prinks providing her clues that there is something wrong with her. Prinks caught the clues very smartly and called the police. The tricky sentences through which Prinks got clues were:
    CASE I: If really the Nisha's notes were with Prink.
    1. It's very rare that some friend thanks the other for calling him/her.
    2. In the statement "Hey.......week." word "know" is used but there the word should be "remember".
    3. Nisha's exam was a day after and also she was asking the notes on the day of exam which could not possible.
    4. The exam was for both the girls so it is true that Prink was also studying at that time or around and Nisha knew this thing. But then also she asks Prink to hurry in finding the notes. This was the main clue for Prink.

    CASE II: If notes were not with Prink.
    If notes were not with Prink then it was very simple for Prink to understand what was going on.

    But I think that notes were notes were not with Prink cause if twas so then she should have called Prink earlier remembering her about the notes.

  2. hey, 11 may's puzzle has a solution that fits to this one. please correct.

  3. i think that Nisha said it was an emergency about the notes so prink would realise that something was up and called the police. Also, there probably was no notes so she will have twigged what was going on.

  4. she kept pressing pause between the important words on the phone, so prink would have heard things like call....i really an emergency..........please hurry........

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  6. Nisha told everything that's not true and the best is her friends name might not had been Prinks. That left her alarmed