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Hard Pattern Puzzle

Hard Pattern PuzzleHard Pattern Puzzle - 27 June

In which direction should the missing arrow point ?

For Solution : Click Here


  1. it will be in down side....from down side arrow we move in clockwise cycle. then we will see pattern repeat itself.. DRUDLR then again it repeats... so answer will be Down side arrow..

  2. it should be on left direction...

  3. I solved it in a math way, by taking a look. First thing I notice, is that first and 4th column are the same (the sum of all arrows are the same). Same applies to the first and 5th row as well. So from that, I can conclude, that all rows equal (since it is a repeating pattern). Then it is easy to conclude, that left plus right arrow equals down plus down arrow. That tells us, that each row must convert to 4 times down and one up arrow. If you check, it is true to all 8 rows (horizontal and vertical). Then by using this logic, the missing arrow is DOWN.
    Takes about 20 seconds like this.