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Distance Problem

Distance ProblemDistance Problem - 20 August

Two towns are exactly 100 km apart. Rakesh leaves City A driving at 30 km/hr and Harish leaves City B a half an hour later driving 60 km/hr. Who will be closer to City A when they meet?

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  1. How the hell will be more closer when they both meet at the same place ?
    both are at equal distant from both the cities.

  2. When they meet, Rakesh is closer to the city A. Bcoz of the exact rule.
    Normal people may think they are equal distance from A. But we can exactly measure in our mind. Rakesh is a little (2metre or 1.5metre) closer to the cityA.

  3. When they meet , Harish will be nearer to city A.

    Distance travelled by Rakesh = 43.333 m
    Distance travelled by Harish = 56.666 m

    1. Distance travelled by Rakesh = 43.333 m
      => Rakesh will be nearer to city A

  4. Rakesh will be nearer to city A

  5. when dey meet dey will be at same place, same distance to A....d distance is 43.33m from A and 56.66m from B....

  6. when they meet they both were @ same place so both r closer to d cityA

  7. When They MEET both will be in same place...and both are closer to city A

  8. Of course, when they meet (at whatever distance from city A or B), both of them will be at the same point. And they both will be at same distance from city A and city B. No math is required for it!

  9. I was stupid trying to solve the problem. ha ha ha..excellent question.