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Logical Thinking Problem

Rose Lilly JasmineLogical Thinking Problem - 27 September

Rose, Lily and Jasmine decided to buy flowers for their moms on Mother's Day. One of them bought lilies, the other roses, and the third one jasmines.
'It's funny!' said the girl with roses, 'we bought roses, jasmines and lilies, but none of us bought the flowers matching her name'.
'You're right!', said Lily.
What kind of flowers did each of the girls buy?

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  1. jasmine bought roses and lilies. lily bought roses and jasmine. rose bought lilies and jasmines.

  2. Jasmin bought roses, Lily bought Jasmin and Rose bought Lily.

  3. 2 possibilities:

    Rose buys jasmine
    lily buys rose
    jasmine buys lily

    Rose buys Lily
    Lily buys Jasmine
    Jasmine buys rose.

    1. Girl having roses observation was replied by Lily, So Lily do not buy rose, she buys jasmine. Others will follow.

  4. I believe we have to think it as permutations.
    If Jasmine is 1, Lilly is 2, and Rose is Three:

    1 2 3
    J L R
    J R L
    L J R
    L R J
    R J L
    R L J

    Both cases, LRJ and RJL are good ones.

  5. jasmine bought roses. lily bought jasmines and rose bought lilies

  6. Lily bought jasmine, rose bought lily, and finally jasmine bought rose