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King Gift Puzzle

King Gift PuzzleKing Gift Puzzle - 15 October

King Charles want to send the diamond ring to his girlfriend securely.He got multiple locks and their corresponding keys.His girl friend does not have any keys to these locks and if he send the key without a lock , the key can be copied in the way.

How can charles send the ring to his girl friend securely.

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  1. first, charles should send n-1 keys locked in nth lock without its key and then he can send nth key. now she can return the lock with one key locked in it(should not be the nth lock) and then she can send its key.charles can open it and put the diamond ring in the lock whose key was present in the lock and then he can send the locks to his girlfriend follwed by the key.

  2. 1. Send the ring in a locked box.
    2. Send the key
    Even if someone copy, they don't have the box

  3. in that case he can use private key cryptography

  4. If she also had one lock it would be quite simple - king sends ring in the locked box to her - she locks the box with her own lock in addition to the kings lock and sends the box back - king removes his lock and sends the box to her - she has the key and gets the ring out ..

  5. first send the the ring,kept in the locker,
    then send the keys
    even if the keys are copied they will not be useful

  6. first send the real key of the box containing diamind ring in the box A..... then send the key of that box A... so the orignal key cant be cooied in anyway... finally send the box containing the diamond ring

  7. FEDEX it, simple!!!

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