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Popular Liar Truth Riddle

Finding TruthPopular Liar Truth Riddle - 22 October

Suarez is a strange liar.

He lies on six days of the week, but on the seventh day he always tells the truth.

He made the following statements on three successive days:

Day 1: 'I lie on Monday and Tuesday.'
Day 2: 'Today, it's Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday.'
Day 3: 'I lie on Wednesday and Friday.'

On which day does Suarez tell the truth?

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  1. these day 1,2,3 also he tell lies so....all the above three statements are lies ... nothing is true

  2. Question seems invalid
    1. First & third statement has to be true as he tells truth only one day. Otherwise if any one statement is false then it implies he tells truth 2 days
    ==> contradiction
    2. If first & third statement is true then he speaks truth 2 days
    ==> contradiction

    1. First and Third, one must be true and the other a lie

    2. Statement on Day2 have to be a lie.

  3. how am i supposed to know you freak!!

  4. sunday .
    "but on the seventh day he always tells the truth."
    the seventh day is sunday :)

  5. Tuesday.

    Only one of day 1 and 3 can be true. They cannot both be lying, or there is more than one day of telling the truth. [Also, the day of truth telling must be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday]

    Therefor, day 2 is lying.

    Day 2 is now Mon, Tue, Wed or Fri

    Day 1 must be Sun, Mon, Tue or Thur. If day 1 was the day of Truth, it would have to be Minday or Tuesday. But the "true" statement is "I lie on Monday and Tuesday", so it can't be the day of truth. Ergo, day of truth is Monday or Tuesday.

    Day 3 must be day of truth. It has the option of being Tue, Wed, Thur or Sat (from known day 2). From statement made on day 1, it must be Mon or Tue.

    The only day on both lists is Tuesday.

    The day of truth is Tuesday, and it is day 3 of the three statements.

    [there is probably a simpler way to get this...]

  6. Its day 2. It's not asking what day of the week he is telling the truth, but which of the three days listed on here is he telling the truth. I feel that it is day 2 because, as it said, he lies six days of the week, and only tells the truth once. If that is so, then the statement of day one would appear True until you get to day three, were he says that he also lied on these days of the week. So with him saying on day one and three that he lied, that could only mean that he is lying about lying on those days, and therefore makes day two a true statement that day to is either Thursday, Saturday or Friday.