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Maths Classic Race Puzzle

Classic 100 Meters RaceMaths Classic Race Puzzle - 19 November

Lavesh, Bolt, and Lewis race each other in a 100 meters race. All of them run at a constant speed throughout the race.

Lavesh beats Bolt by 20 meters.
Bolt beats Lewis by 20 meters.

How many meters does Lavesh beat Lewis by ?

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  1. 36 meters.
    100/v1=80/v2, 100/v2=80/v3
    hence trailing distance= 20+(20/v2)*v3=20+16=36

  2. 36

    here is a simple sol how......

    lavesh velocity=v1
    bolt =v2
    lewis =v3

    supposh lavesh took x min to finish..v1*x=100

    suppose bolt covers rest 20 meter in y min


    so total time cover by bolt to finish=x +x/4=5x/4

    now, in 5x/4 time lewish covers 80 meter

    so v3=80/(5x/4)=64/x.

    so in time x when lavesh finished lewis must have covered a distance=v3 * x
    =64/x * x

    => lavesh beat lewis by 100-64=36 meter

    hope evry 1 clear


    1. Good job!

      Excuse me, I'm Korean so my English is poor.

      I have more simple solution.

      When Bolt ran 100 meters, Lewis ran 80 meters. Lewis' velocity is 80% of Bolt's velocity.

      When Lavesh ran 100 meters, Bolt ran 80 meters. Bolt's velocity is 80% of Lavesh's velocity.

      80% of 80% is 64%. Therefore Lewis' velocity is 64% of Lavesh's velocity. When Lavesh ran 100 meters, Lewis ran 64 meters. So Lavesh beat Lewis by 36 meters.

    2. Well, no, they don't run the course at a constant speed, it's not humanly possible or even possible for a machine.

      Since we're assuming they all completed the 100 metre race, they beat each other by time, not metres.

      This whole question is stupid.