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Solve My RiddleSolve My Riddle - 24 November

4 fathers, 2 grand-fathers and 4 sons went to watch the movie.What is the minimum number of the tickets they need to buy ?

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  1. Replies
    1. would plz explain how was this possible??????

    2. 4 fathers are too 4 sons themselves. 2 of which have grandchildren which makes them grandfather as well.

    3. why would it be 4! Obviesely they mentioned more than 4 people its six the fathers are the sons to the grandfathers.

    4. David are you serious how could the fathers be grandfathers they are fathers with kids not grandkids i answered the 1 above. 6 is the answer that is final

    5. Having a grand child does not stop you being a father.

    6. i said 4 - because

      4 fathers which they all are
      2 grand fathers because if all of them are fathers than two of them could be the fathers of the other two who as said previously are all fathers.
      4 sons, if they are all fathers they all have to have been sons of some one.
      so 4

  2. Replies

    1. its not 8 its six because the 4 sons are the 4 fathers. To the grandfathers they are sons. Duh! It's logic they never said whos son it was therefore its the grandfathers sons 4 and 4.

  3. the answer is actual 4, cause if two of the people where grandfaters that would make them father and also someones son ...which only leaves two son and fathers which could be the same people if they had children them aswell ............ the real answer is four so the solution is wrong

    1. Exactly. 4. Nobody said their status was only relevant to the people attending. Ass hats.

  4. Tricky riddle
    Four Fathers, Two Grandfathers and 4 Sons went to watch th movie, what is the minimum number of Tickets they need to buy

  5. 5
    then only there will be 4 sons and fathers

  6. the fathers sons have children which makes the fathers be grandfather themselves!!!! thats how i worked it out


  7. 6 tickets
    and play minecraft


  8. the fathers are the sons of the grandfather making it 6 tickets

  9. answer is 6
    consider raj kapoor, rishi kapoor, ranbir kapoor
    harivansh bachan, amitabh bachan and abhishek bachan
    these r total 6 guys

    i) raj and harivansh r the two grandfathers
    ii) raj is father of rishi, harivansh is father of amit, amitabh is father of abhishek, rishi is the father of ranbir
    so in total of 4 fathers.
    iii) rishi, ranbir, amitabh, abhishek r son of raj, rishi, harivash, amitabh respectively
    so total of 4 sons.

  10. answer is 6 as because thare are 4 father,2 grandfather and 4 sons
    sons might be below 3years or 5 years

  11. 5 is the answer , me my son my dad my grand father and my dad's grand father....

  12. The answer is 6.Because;out of 4 fathers 2 are grand fathers,they are also son.Hence the total different people are 2 grand fathers,2 fathers & 2 sons.Hence 6 tickets are needed.

  13. U brainiacs...its 5. Out of 4 fathers 2 are granddads, 3 are sons. They will need one more son to make the number of sons 4.

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  15. 6 tickets should be bought or..................... Isn't it

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