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Dating Puzzle

Dating PuzzleDating Puzzle - 28 January

Katrina wants to go on a date and prefers her date to be tall, dark and handsome.

Of the preferred traits - tall, dark and handsome - no two of Shahrukh, Ajay, Salman and Akshay have the same number.
Only Shahrukh or Akshay is tall and fair.
Only Ajay or Salman is short and handsome.
Shahrukh and Salman are either both tall or both short.
Ajay and Akshay are either both dark or both fair.

Who is katrina's date?

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  1. I think the information is insufficient... :-\

  2. Salman is Katrina's date. The traits of the four persons are:

    1. Salman: Tall, Dark, Handsome;
    2. Shahrukh : Tall, Fair, Not-Handsome;
    3. Akshay: Short, Fair, Not-Handsome;
    4. Ajay: Short, Fair, Handsome.

    1. But according to the question no two can have same number of preferred traits but here shahrukh and ajay both have 1trait