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Easy Gallon Riddle

blue transparent gallonEasy Gallon Riddle - 17 January

I have a five and a three gallon jar.

Assuming there us an infinite supply of water , how can i measure one gallon water ?

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  1. fill 3L jar.
    transfer water from it to the 5L jar...
    5l jar now has 2l left.
    fill 3L jar again and transer as much amount as needed to fill 5L jar.
    we will have 1L in the 3L jar.

  2. Step1: Fill the 3L jar
    Step2:Empty the 3L jar into the 5L jar the 3L jar is empty and the 5L jar contains 3L of water.
    step3:Again fill the 3L jar.
    Step4:Again empty the 3l jar into the 5L jar.
    Now, the 5L jar contains 5L of water and the 3L of jar contains 1L of water.Hence, the required result has been obtained. Thank you!

  3. 1st fill the water into 5L jar & transfers into 3L Jar nw we have 2L of Water left again Pour the bal into 3L jar & bal Water is equal to 1L of water...

  4. step1:fill 5L jar
    step2:fill the 3L jar, now jar of 5L contains the balance 2L.
    Step3: now empty 3L jar and fill it with balance 2L.
    Step4:now fill the empty 5L jar.
    Step5:fill the 3L jar with 5Lwhich has 2L.
    Step6:now there is 4L in 5L jar.
    Step7:empty 3L jar and place 4L frm 5l jar ,ur now left with 1L in 5L jar.