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Hard Logic Chess Puzzle

Hard Logic Chess Puzzle - 16 April

Assume you have the white pieces, can you win in a half a move ?

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  1. Replies
    1. Not possible. The pieces needed have been moved.

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  3. Left Knight takes right pawn closest to king forcing defense resulting in rook check. Game over.

  4. White moves rook from a1 to d1 and completes castleing

  5. a castle would have been impossible in this case, assuming that the rules are the same as in standard chess, you can not have moved the king or the rook you are trying to castle. You can obviously tell that the king has moved prior to the castle before because the king is not in its original starting position therefore you can not castle according to standard chess rules.Honestly, why not just use your knight to capture the black pon and checkmate the king right off the bat? in realize it says half a move but still

    1. because black knight on a7 would capture white knight

    2. Well in that case white moves Queen to C8. Checkmate! Not a half move(not possible in the given layout of pieces) but it does the job.