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Tricky Logic Question

Tricky Logic Question - 28 May

Edward James went for tiger hunting.
It was not his lucky day.

He got six tigers without heads, nine tigers without the tail and eight cut in two halves.

How many tiger did he hunted ?

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  1. 6 = without heads
    9 = without tail
    8 = cut in 2 halves.

    1. I think it's 9 cause 6 + 8 without heads means 6 and 8 dead tigers. I wonder If tiger will die If we cut their tail?

    2. 0.

  2. 0 cos it wasnt his lucky day

    1. The answer is 0 because the question is to find the tigers that he hunted. All the tigers are already dead and they are not hunted by him.

  3. 0 because he didn't get any hole tigers

  4. 6 no heads
    9 no tails
    8 in half
    = 23

    Because of those numbers, we know he 'got' 23 tigers, regardless if they were full tigers or not. That's not the question though. "How many did he hunt" is the question, and that's impossible to know.