#1 - Logic Puzzle Riddle

There are two arch enemy Messi and Ronaldo which hate each other to an extreme.
One day two are going together and a Jeanie appeared in from of them them.
Jeanie grant 3 wishes to Ronaldo and one to Messi.

Messi replied smartly 'Give me twice of whatever Ronaldo demands'.

Ronaldo asked his 1st wish 'Give me 10000 billion dollar'. Soon Messi gets 2000 billion dollar.
Ronaldo asked his 2nd wish 'Give me one mansion in every country of the world'. Soon Messi gets two mansion in every country of the world?

Whats should be Ronaldo third wish ?

Logic Puzzle Riddle

He askes the Jeanie to beat him half to death.

#2 - Hard Number Series Aptitude Riddle

What is the next number in the series.

15 29 56 108 208 ?


2*15-1 => 29
2*29-2 => 56
2*56-4 => 108
2*108-8 => 208
2*208-16 => 400

#3 - Funny What Am I Riddle

What is red but it smells like a blue paint ?

Funny What Am I Riddle

Red paint

#4 - Tricky Logic Riddle

In my garden, i have many trees but only one of them is mango tree.
In this mango trees, there are some mangoes(as expected).

But after a strong wind, there are neither mangoes on tree nor on ground.

Explain ?

Tricky Logic Riddle


At first, there were 2 mangoes on the tree. After the wind blew, one mangoe fell on the ground. So there where no mangoes on the tree and there were no mangoes on the ground.
*mangoes => more than one mango

Another solution(non tricky one)
The wind blew so hard that the mangoes fell of the tree and blew along the ground.

#5 - Picture Number Pattern Sequence

Whats the next number in the below number sequence pattern.

Picture Number Pattern Sequence

its like you call it out

one one => 11
two one => 21
and so on

#6 - Infosys Logic Interview Question

This was asked in an interview of Infosys.

Interviewer has given me 100 marbles(50 white and 50 black) and two empty boxes.
He then told me that he will leave the room and i need to place all the marbles in two boxes.

And When he come back, he will draw a marble from any of the two box and if the marble is black i will be hired.

* No box can be empty.
* All 100 marbles must be placed in one of the two boxes.

So whats should i have done ?

Infosys Logic Interview Question

One black marble in one box, the other 99 marbles in the other box

#7 - GK FAQ Riddle

Can you name some countries which do not have the alphabet 'A' in it. ?

GK FAQ Riddle

Belgium, Chile, Fiji, Egypt

#8 - Smart Logic Riddle

A sea diver is a real show off.
He showed everyone that he can hold his breath under water for 15 minutes.

I went to the diver and told him that i can be under water for double the time i.e 30 minutes.
He responded that he will give me 1000$, if i would be able to do it.

I won the 1000$.

what did i do ?

Smart Logic Riddle

I filled a glass full of water and held it over my head for 30 minutes.

#9 - Rebus Picture Meaning Riddle

What does this rebus picture means ?

Rebus Picture Meaning Riddle

Circle Of Friends

#10 - Rebus Meaning Riddle

What is the meaning of rebus picture mentioned below ?

Rebus Meaning Riddle

Fare and Square