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Missing Number In The Picture

Missing Number In The Picture - 31 July

Find the missing number in the picture below ?

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Awesome Who Am I Riddle

Awesome Who Am I Riddle - 30 July

I am five letter word that is under you.
If you remove my 1st letter, then i am over you.
If you remove my 1st and 2nd letters than i am all around you.

Who am i ?

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Trick Teaser Ias Interview Question

Trick Teaser Ias Interview Question - 29 July

A Sweet girl purchased a book from a bookkeeper and give him Rs. 100.
The cost of book is Rs.30 but the bookkeeper had got no change, so he get the change from next shop and return the girl her 70 Rupees.

After some time time the next shopkeeper comes with the 100Rs note and told the bookkeeper that the note is fraud, so he takes money back.

How much loss did the bookkeeper face ?

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Simple Who am I Riddle

Simple Who am I Riddle - 28 July

I always drives my customer away.

Who am I ?

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Kids Riddle

Kids Riddle - 27 July

100 birds were sitting on a tree.                        
A shooter shoots one of the bird and bird died instantly.

How many left now ?

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Fun Humor Riddle

Fun Humor Riddle - 26 July

My grandmother teeth are similar to stars. why ?

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Tricky What Am I Riddle

Tricky What Am I Riddle - 25 July

I am a white box having no key or any lid.
Yet there is a golden treasure inside it.

What Am I ?

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Simple Picture Rebus Riddle

Simple Picture Rebus Riddle - 24 July

What shoes company does this rebus represents ?

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Frog In The Well Riddle

Frog In The Well Riddle - 23 July

A frog fell on a bottom of the well.
The well is 30 feet deep.

During day time, the frog jumps 5feet while at night when the frog sleeps he slip back 4feet.

In how many days frog will come out from the well ?

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Ramanujan Magic Number Riddle

Ramanujan Magic Number Riddle - 22 July

Ramanujan discovered 1729 as a magic number.

Why 1729 is a magic number ?

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Well Said Riddle

Well Said Riddle - 21 July

There is famous saying 'the more you share the more you get'.

But i know something if your share it, you then don't have it.
What is it ?

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Logic Thinking Riddle

Logic Thinking Riddle - 20 July

I have a clock(12 hour format) and both the needles of clock overlaps at 12:00.

After how much time, they will overlap again ?

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Hour Glass Riddle

Hour Glass Riddle - 19 July

You have two hour glasses one measure 7 minutes and other measure 4 minutes.
Using these two hour glasses, you need to measure exactly 9 minutes.

How come ?

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Dexter Riddle

Dexter Riddle - 18 July

Dexter has a Black Honda Accord. One of the tires is a flat tire but still he manages to reach the crime scene without replacing the tire.

How ?

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Hard Measuring Water Riddle

Hard Measuring Water Riddle - 17 July

You have two buckets of 11 liter and 6 liter.

How can you measure exactly 8 liter ?

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Tricky Murder Mystery Logical Riddle

Tricky Murder Mystery Logical Riddle - 16 July

Four boys were playing a game in which they need to throw the stone in the water so that the stone at don't
get sunk into the water(there is some solid area in water).

Boy1: Succeeded in throwing 2 stones at solid area but 1 of the stone sunk.
Boy3: All stones got sunk.
Boy4: None of the stones got sunk.

Boy2 was the winner but was struck by a stone in the head and died.

Who killed Boy2 ?

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Logical Maths Picture Puzzle

Logical Maths Picture Puzzle - 15 July

Solve the maths equation in the picture below by placing the numbers 1 through 9 into the boxes so that all the 3 equations are correct.

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Tricky Count Riddle

Tricky Count Riddle - 14 July

Can you count number of children in the picture below ?

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Too Funny Riddle

Too Funny Riddle - 13 July

Which city is three fifth chick two third cat and 50% goat ?

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Find The Number From Word Riddle

Find The Number From Word Riddle - 12 July

What number does below three word/phrase identifies and why ?
1. Deck
2. Year
3. Singing in the Rain

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Hard Logic Probability Puzzle

Hard Logic Probability Puzzle - 11 July

Bruna was first to arrive at a 100 seat theater.
She forgot her seat number and picks a random seat for herself.

After this, every single person who get to the theater sits on his seat if its available else chooses any available seat at random.
Neymar is last to enter the theater and 99 seats w
ere occupied.

Whats the probability what Neymar gets to sit in his own seat ?

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Ten Letter Word Popular Riddle

Ten Letter Word Popular Riddle - 10 July

I know a ten letter word in the English language which can be typed using only the top rows of the computer keyboard.

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Maths Puzzle Question

Maths Puzzle Question - 9 July

Two Twins Eddy and Roberto Baggio were standing back to back and suddenly they started running in
opposite direction for 4 kilometers and then turn to left and run for another 3 kilometers.

what is the distance between the Baggio twins when they stop ?

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Decode Puzzle

Decode Puzzle - 8 July

Decode the below four famous ciphers

8P of the SS
1M of the E
1S of the SS
60M in 1H

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Tricky Rebus Riddle

Tricky Rebus Riddle - 5 July

What type of curtain does this rebus means ?

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Fast Response Maths Problem

Fast Response Maths Problem - 4 July

Manish has to secure 40% marks to pass his final exams.
He got just 40 marks and failed by 40-marks.

What is the maximum marks ?

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Interesting Maths Puzzle

Interesting Maths Puzzle - 2 July

A women walks into a bank to cash out her check.
By mistake the bank teller gives her rupee amount in change, and her paise amount in rupees.
On the way home she spends 5 paise, and then suddenly she notices that she has twice the amount of her check.

How much was her check amount ?

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Dice Probabilty Puzzle

Dice Probabilty Puzzle - 1 July

I throw two dice simultaneously.

What is the probability of getting sum as 9 of the two numbers shown ?

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