#1 - Top Short Riddle

There is something which you can be arrested for attempting but not for successfully completing ?

Top Short Riddle


#2 - Tricky Probability Interview Puzzle

I have two coins.
* One of the coin is a faulty coin having tail on both side of it.
* The other coin is a perfect coin (heads on side and tail on other).

I blind fold myself and pick a coin and put the coin on table. The face of coin towards the sky is tail.

What is the probability that other side is also tail ?

Tricky Probability Interview Puzzle


2 possible scenario are :
case number side shown other side
1 A1 (H) A2 (H)
2 A2 (H) A1 (H)
3 B1 (H) B2 (T)
4 B2 (T) B1 (H)

case 4 is not possible so ans is 2/3

#3 - Trivia Question 8549176320

why number 8549176320 is one of a kind ?

Trivia Question 8549176320

All numbers(0-9) appears only once and all in alphabetical order

#4 - Logical Playing Cards Puzzle

From a pack of 52 cards , i placed 4 cards on the table.

I will give you 4 clues about the cards:

Clue 1: Card on left cannot be greater than card on the right.
Clue 2: Difference between 1st card and 3rd card is 8.
Clue 3: There is no card of ace.
Clue 4: There is no face cards (queen,king,jacks).
Clue 5: Difference between 2nd card and 4th card is 7.

Identify four cards ?

Logical Playing Cards Puzzle

2 3 10 10

The 1st card has to be 2 and last card has be 10 as there is no other way difference can be 8.
=> 2 ? 10 ?

because of clue 4, we know 4th card is 10
=> 2 ? 10 10

because of clue 5, we know 1st card is 3
=> 2 3 10 10

#5 - Famous Logic Bag Puzzle

There are 3 bags and all are labeled incorrectly as follow:
Bag1 : Silver
Bag2 : Gold
Bag3 : Silver and Gold.

You need to label all bags correctly by opening just one bag.

How come ?

Famous Logic Bag Puzzle

It have already mention that all bag have labeled in correctly
let consider
bag A-silver
bag B-gold
bag C-gold and silver
if i open bag C ..i:e gold and silver
then i should get somthing else(silver or gold) ....becouse it have already mention that all bag are labeled in correctly
so the rest 2 bag A and B should also cantain wrong item.
So.... If i assume that bag c ....cantain silver.
Then bag A(labeled silver) should cantain gold
and bag b(labeled gold)should cantain gold and silver
becouse it have mention that all bag are labeled incorrectly

#6 - Special Thinking Riddle

Today is admin birthday.
His five close friends Nell Edna harish hsirah and Ellen surprised him with party.

What is special with this list of these five names ?

Special Thinking Riddle

If you read the names from last to start, it reads the same

#7 - Chess Riddle

You are playing with white pieces and its your turn. You need to defeat the black king in one move ?

Chess Riddle

C7 => B8
Exchange pawn for a knight


#8 - Monday Probability Problem

What is the probability of getting five Monday in a 31-days month ?

Monday Probability Problem

If a 31day month starts on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday it will have five Monday, if not it will have 4 Monday.
Probability is 3/7.

#9 - Mind Teaser Riddle

John Heysham Gibbon was most renowned surgeon of 1940-1970.
More than 90% of his surgeries he performed are highly successful and still almost all of his patients die.

Explain ?

Mind Teaser Riddle

Everyone will done one day or other.since he operated 40yrs ago, there is high chance that most of them are dead now

#10 - Hard Thinking Riddle

Which is the smallest number that you can write using all the vowels exactly once.?

Hard Thinking Riddle

sIx thOUsAnd twEnty (6020)