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Deductive Reasoning Logical Problem

Deductive Reasoning Logical Problem - 26 August

There are 4 big houses in my home town.

They are made from these materials: red marbles, green marbles, white marbles and blue marbles.

* Mrs Jennifer's house is somewhere to the left of the green marbles one and the third one along is white marbles.

* Mrs Sharon owns a red marbles house and Mr Cruz does not live at either end, but lives somewhere to the right of the blue marbles house.

* Mr Danny lives in the fourth house, while the first house is not made from red marbles.

Who lives where, and what is their house made from ?

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  1. 1st house -> Mrs. Jenifer -> Blue marble house
    2nd house -> Mrs Sharon -> Red marble house
    3rd house -> Mr Cruz -> White marble house
    4th house -> Mr Danny -> Green marble house

  2. first= Blue - jennifer
    second= Red-Sharon
    third = white- Cruz
    fourth= green-Danny

  3. 1. blue - Jennifer
    2. red - Sharon
    3. white - Cruz
    4. green -Danny