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Famous Logic Bag Puzzle

Famous Logic Bag Puzzle - 23 August

There are 3 bags and all are labeled incorrectly as follow:
Bag1 : Silver
Bag2 : Gold
Bag3 : Silver and Gold.

You need to label all bags correctly by opening just one bag.

How come ?

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  1. It have already mention that all bag have labeled in correctly
    let consider
    bag A-silver
    bag B-gold
    bag C-gold and silver
    if i open bag C ..i:e gold and silver
    then i should get somthing else(silver or gold) ....becouse it have already mention that all bag are labeled in correctly
    so the rest 2 bag A and B should also cantain wrong item.
    So.... If i assume that bag c ....cantain silver.
    Then bag A(labeled silver) should cantain gold
    and bag b(labeled gold)should cantain gold and silver
    becouse it have mention that all bag are labeled incorrectly

  2. 1 open bag marked silver gold it will contain either silver or gold, if it contains silver it is silver only
    2 the other bags contains gold or silver gold
    3 the gold bag cannot contain gold so it has to be silver gold and originally marked silver contains gold

    Silver gold bag contains silver
    Gold bag contains silver gold
    Silver bag contains gold.

  3. Hi Mr Tiwari. Its a good guess. I also have the same logic to to present.The entire logic depends on the "statement" that "all bags are labeled incorrectly"

  4. All bags r incorrect. Lifting them might reveal weight differences. Gold would be heavier. Thus I would not have to open the heaviest bag. Choosing one of the other bags to open would reveal it is either the totally silver contents or the silver gold mixture.

  5. open any of the bag let it b 1st one..n we found gold in it..mark it as gold now d third bag will definately contains silver(caz gold is 1st one[found by opening d 1st bag] n 3 cant b silver and gold)so left out is nw 2nd n it is definately silver :)

    1. I think I would have to put the heaviest bag to the side assuming it contains both silver and gold, then by just opening one of the other bags if it gold you know the bag has to be silver , and if the bag you open is silver then the other bag should be gold...