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Logical Playing Cards Puzzle

Logical Playing Cards Puzzle - 28 August

From a pack of 52 cards , i placed 4 cards on the table.

I will give you 4 clues about the cards:

Clue 1: Card on left cannot be greater than card on the right.
Clue 2: Difference between 1st card and 3rd card is 8.
Clue 3: There is no card of ace.
Clue 4: There is no face cards (queen,king,jacks).
Clue 5: Difference between 2nd card and 4th card is 7.

Identify four cards ?

For Solution : Click Here


  1. Replies
    1. The question says there are no face no kings, queens..

  2. because there are 52 cards, there are 4 suits, therefore it will be 4 diamonds ,6 clubs, queen hearts, king spades

  3. It can be two outcomes.
    Rule 4 states face cards. Meaning more than one.
    This is the only way to have 2 face cards.

    4 5 J K
    (13 - 8 = 5, 11 - 7 = 4)
    4 4 J Q
    (12 - 8 = 4, 11 - 7 = 4)

    It doesnt state you cannot have doubles of a number, since it can be the four of hearts and a four of spades.

    Both answers have 2 face cards as needed, no aces as needed, the card on the left is never greater than the card on the right.

  4. do you people read? There are NOOOOOO face cards.

  5. There is a either a typo, or one of the clues can be thrown out, thus making this entire Riddle pointless.

  6. So the given answer says that it's 2,3,10,10, however there's an alternate solution (since you can duplicate card numbers used with different suits). The alternate answer could be 2,2,9,10.

    This riddle has so many holes in it... In addition to having two answers; it mentions it will give you 4 clues yet there are 5 clues given.

    1. your math ability has holes in it

  7. 2,3,10,10 is the correct answer as per clues given. It could not be 2,2,9,10 because 9-2 not equals 8 similarly 10-2 not equals 7.