#1 - Logic Escape Problem

In the kingdom of skull, King Norse did not allow any citizen to visit the world outside. Also only a person with a proper paperwork was allowed to enter or he was sent back. A wooden bridge was what connected the kingdom to the world. The king had appointed a sharpshooter who would check every five minutes on the bridge to check. After checking, he would go back to his hut and return exactly after five minutes again. The bridge took 9 minutes to cross.

A merchant was able to escape the kingdom without harming the shooter.

How ?

Logic Escape Problem

The merchant walked across the bridge for almost five minutes when the shooter was inside the bridge. Then he turned and started walking back to the kingdom of skull. On approaching the kingdom, he was asked of papers which he never had. Thus he was sent back.

#2 - Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Riddle

Sherlock breaks into a crime scene. The victim is the owner who is slumped dead on a chair and have a bullet hole in his head. A gun lies on the floor and a cassette recorder is found on the table. On pressing the play button, Sherlock hears the message 'I have committed sins in my life and now I offer my soul to the great Lord' and followed a gunshot Sherlock smiles and informed the police that's its a murder.

Why did he think so?

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Riddle

How can a dead person rewind back the tape himself?

#3 - Infosys Trick Interview Riddle

Bruce Banner was having a candle light dinner with his girlfriend. Suddenly a cold gush of wind entered through the open window and three of the ten candles were extinguished. Assuming that none of the other candles were extinguished.

How many candles are they left with in the end ?

Infosys Trick Interview Riddle


The candles that were not extinguished will melt down completely eventually. Thus only three candles will remain in the end.

#4 - Maths Shopkeeper Problem

A brand new Beats Headphone was on sale at 20% as a promotional offer. By what percent must the headphone price be increased to sell it at the original price again ?

Maths Shopkeeper Problem

Suppose a $10 item is reduced by 20%, the price will drop to $8. Now to make it the original price we must add $2 more which is 25% of $8.

#5 - Classic Old Tricky Riddle

James named his first son Alpha, second Beta, third gamma and fourth Delta. What is the fifth son’s name.

Classic Old Tricky Riddle


#6 - Riddle for Mathematician

How can you write nineteen in a manner that if we take out one, it becomes twenty?

Riddle for Mathematician

XIX. On taking one i.e. I, we get XX i.e. 20

#7 - Cow 13 Letters Riddle

I can write cow in 13 letters.

Can You ?

Cow 13 Letters Riddle

See o double you

#8 - Knockout Tournament Matches Puzzle

A chess tournament is taking place on knock-out terms (the one who loses the match is out of the game).
(a) If 15 matches are played in total, how many players participated?
(b) If 50 players took part in the tournament, how many matches were played?

Knockout Tournament Matches Puzzle

(a) If you look at the question closely, it is a knockout tournament and the winner will be just one. Thus no. of players is equal to 15+1=16.
(b) The number of matches will always be one less than the number of players (in knockout tournaments). Thus the answer is 49.

#9 - Sherlock Riddle

Sherlock Homes was challenge to make a pre-drawn line smaller without erasing it. He did it in fractions of seconds. How?

Sherlock Riddle

He drew a long line adjacent to the pre drawn line making the first line smaller.

#10 - Tricky Interview Riddle

In an interview a boy was asked an unusual question 'How two persons sitting with a table in between them cant see each other?' He was unable to reply. Can you?

Tricky Interview Riddle

They were sitting opposite to each other and were not facing each other.