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Mind Benders Puzzles

Mind Benders Puzzles 1 : 2 Eggs 100 Floors Puzzle
Difficulty ★★★★★        Popularity ★★★★★

-> You are given 2 eggs.
-> You have access to a 100-storey building.
-> Eggs can be very hard or very fragile means it may break if dropped from the first floor or may not even break if dropped from 100 th floor.Both eggs are identical.
-> You need to figure out the highest floor of a 100-storey building an egg can be dropped without breaking.
-> Now the question is how many drops you need to make. You are allowed to break 2 eggs in the process

Mind Benders Puzzles 2 : Aeroplane Hardest Quiz
Difficulty ★★★★★        Popularity ★★★☆☆

The puzzle question is : On Bagshot Island, there is an airport. The airport is the homebase of an unlimited number of identical airplanes. Each airplane has a fuel capacity to allow it to fly exactly 1/2 way around the world, along a great circle. The planes have the ability to refuel in flight without loss of speed or spillage of fuel. Though the fuel is unlimited, the island is the only source of fuel.
What is the fewest number of aircraft necessary to get one plane all the way around the world assuming that all of the aircraft must return safely to the airport? How did you get to your answer?
(a) Each airplane must depart and return to the same airport, and that is the only airport they can land and refuel on ground.
(b) Each airplane must have enough fuel to return to airport.
(c) The time and fuel consumption of refueling can be ignored. (so we can also assume that one airplane can refuel more than one airplanes in air at the same time.)
(d) The amount of fuel airplanes carrying can be zero as long as the other airplane is refueling these airplanes. What is the fewest number of airplanes and number of tanks of fuel needed to accomplish this work? (we only need airplane to go around the world)

Mind Benders Puzzles 3 : Sherlock Holmes Puzzle
Difficulty ★★★★★        Popularity ★★★☆☆

Sherlock Detective reviewed the information they had on the case so far.

A lady named 'himanshi' was found shot and they already had a list of suspects - Ankit , Tarun, Harish, Manoj and Manish.
Killer is a fan of sherlock and chalenge him by leaving notes ad various places.
* The first was found in a toilet room.
* The second was found in an art room.
* The third was in a restroom.
* the fourth in an underwater room.
* The fifth at the no smoking room.

All of the notes read the same thing, 'The clues are where you find the notes.' Yet, nothing was found at anyplace the notes were.
Sherlock the genius , immediately solved the case.
Who was the killer ?


Mind Benders Puzzles 4 : Missing Piece Puzzle
Difficulty ★★★★☆        Popularity ★★★☆☆

Below the four parts have been reorganized. The four partitions are exactly the same in both arrangements. Why is there a hole?


Mind Benders Puzzles 5 : Science Murder Riddle
Difficulty ★★★★☆        Popularity ★★★☆☆

A man was going to bleach his socks because they had gotten muddy the day before. As he was pouring the bleach into the washing machine, he spilled some on the floor. He got some cleaning fluid and mopped it up with a rag. Minutes later he was dead. What killed him?

Mind Benders Puzzles 6 : Toughest Series Puzzle
Difficulty ★★★★★        Popularity ★★★☆☆

What is the next number in this series?



Mind Benders Puzzles 7 : Decode This Message
Difficulty ★★★★★        Popularity ★★★★☆

Decode The Message

carrot fiasco nephew spring rabbit
sonata tailor bureau legacy corona
travel bikini object happen soften
picnic option waited effigy adverb
report accuse animal shriek esteem


Mind Benders Puzzles 8 : Hard Photo Puzzle
Difficulty ★★★★★        Popularity ★★★☆☆

What is the word or phrase??


Mind Benders Puzzles 9 : Dream Riddle
Difficulty ★★★★★        Popularity ★★★☆☆

Two brothers were watching a horror film on video late one night. One brother dozed off and dreamed that he was being chased by the crazy man from the movie, who was trying to kill him. In the dream, he hid in a cupboard. There was no sound except his heart pounding, and he had no idea where his crazed captor was. He was terrified! At that moment, the video finished, and his brother put his hand on the shoulder of his sleeping sibling to wake him. The shock at that tense moment was enough that the sleeping brother suffered a massive heart attack and died instantly. True or false?


Mind Benders Puzzles 10 : Chess Puzzle
Difficulty ★★★★☆        Popularity ★★★☆☆

How many squares, of any size, can you find on this chess board which do not contain a Rook?


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