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Pattern Image Equation Puzzle

Pattern Image Equation Puzzle - 13 September

Solve the equation in the image by looking the pattern closely.

For Solution : Click Here


  1. b is the answer. Its just rotated to the right once.

  2. Hahaha..nice trick
    alll the six pattern are correct & one an the same .....they have been rotted slighty every time............... .

    1. Hi Vivek if you look closer no they haven't. Only B is the answer, which has itself been rotated. You check this by searching for exact colour pattern of the separate piece in each version.

  3. Correction the last one is diffrent

  4. There is a small drawing between the green boxess...if we consider the answer on base of them
    the answer wpuld be c

  5. Pretty obviously the answer is 'b' - I think you'd have to have a pretty low I.Q. not to spot that quickly. The patterns are actualy all different. The answer 'b' is, indeed, actually rotated a quarter-turn clockwise. It is not possible to rotate something 'to the right' as rotation is a circular movement while 'to the left' specifies a linear direction. When something rotates, part of it moves left and part of it moves right.