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Stupid Waiter Riddle

Stupid Waiter Riddle - 6 September

Chris Hemsworth was having a cup of tea in a restaurant when he called the waiter and told him that there
was fly in his tea. Startled, the waiter took the cup and brought a fresh cup of tea. Moments later, Chris called the waiter again and told him that it was the same cup of tea.

How did he come to know ?

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  2. 1) It would be same cup no. Mention below it,
    2) the tea would not be hot .

  3. May be he was still able to see remnants of the fly in the tea cup.. :)

  4. Following Conditions If exist in an " OR " Or "AND" Fashion -

    1. Same level of Sugar in the new cup of tea .
    2. Some remnants of the fly in the new cup of tea.
    3. Same level of tea is same.
    4. Temperature of Tea is Same.

  5. Its the same cup of tea because its the same flavor!

  6. b'coz he already put a sugar in tea.

  7. Chris Hemsworth...... (answering with dreamy eyes) May be because I was the waitress and he wanted to see me again..... lol....

    Answering with some sense here...
    1. He saw his fingerprint on the cup?
    2. Another fly had just fallen in since the shop was infested with flies?
    3. He noticed the fly under the cup that he had caught and stashed was still there?

  8. It was the cup as before but just reused after dumping the old tea out.

  9. he was drinking coffee?