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Classic 13 Cave Logic Riddle

Classic 13 Cave Logic Riddle - 25 October

13 caves are arranged in a circle at the temple of doom. One of these caves has the treasure of gems and wealth. Each day the treasure keepers can move the treasure to an adjacent cave or can keep it in the same cave. Every day two treasure seekers visit the place and have enough time to enter any two caves of their choice.

How do the treasure seekers ensure that they find the treasure in minimum possible days ?

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  1. Start towards opposite sides i.e one starts from no.1 & the other from no. 13. next day leave the first one & search next two. like this they can find in 6 days

    1. Not possible...
      Suppose second day he kept gems in no. 1 cave then???

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  3. they can both split up and go to a separate cave each which equals 4 caves multiplied by 3 is 12 and then go to one cave with the other person. equaling 4 days in total at its maximum

  4. They can start with adjecent caves and move opposite direction...
    Start with 1st and 13th cave and next day go in to 2nd and 12th cave and so on...

    -Mahesh Kulkarni