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Maths Picture Area Puzzle

Maths Picture Area Puzzle - 22 October

The below figure consists of a rectangle and the numbers labeled over the top represents the area of that particular shaded region.

Calculate the area of the green region labeled as '?'

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  1. 5.5

    white area = 2 * (9/4) =4.5
    green area = blue + white - brown = 5.5

    1. How I cant get u ...........

    2. The White triangle is similar to the Red triangle
      As ratio of areas = ratio of bases when height is same,
      Ratio of sides is 2:3
      White triangle = 9/4 * Red triangle = 9/2

      Thus the Green Region = 5.5 units.

  2. why is white area 2*9/4?

    1. (7.5 x 1.2)/2 = 9/2 = 4.5

  3. Wrong.....ratio of areas = ratio of bases when height is same, but the height of red and white triangle is not the same...
    Ratio of sides is not 2:3...2:3 is ratio of area of red triangle and blue triangle...all wrong...

  4. Where did the 9 in the 9/4 and 9/2 come from? (Or the 7.5?) No other values other than the area of the Red and Blue triangles were given. No measurements can be taken of the sides or angles since it appears the image is not accurate or to scale. (4 of the Red triangles will fit inside the white triangle with space left over.)