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Smart Thief Statment Puzzle

Smart Thief Statment Puzzle - 9 October

A thief was presented in the court of a king. For a judgment, the king asked him to make any statement. If the statement was to be true, he would be burnt alive and if the statement was to be false, he would be thrown in the sea. But after hearing the statement, the king had to let him go.

What did the thief say ?

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  1. He said: 'I shall be thrown in sea !' If he was lying, he would be thrown in sea. But that's what the thief was saying. So he speaks the truth. But if he speaks the truth, he would be burnt, so then he was not speaking the truth. So it is impossible for the king to determine wether the person speaks the truth or not. So therefore the king cannot determine the penalty and sets him free.

  2. Statement 1 - I will die if you throw me in the sea.
    Statement 2 - What ever I say can neither be true nor false.
    Since I am going to keep Mum.

  3. Basically the answer has to be something that is neither true or false. It can be any statement then. . For e.g. chicken came earlier than the egg