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IAS Logic Problem

IAS Logic Problem - 21 November

Anabelle is a clever trader of rare artifacts. Each day she carries three boxes with each filled with thirty artifacts. The boxes can’t hold more than that. She travels far of northern lands to sell these artifacts but on way, she comes across thirty checkpoints where she has to shed one of the artifact for each sack to the authorities for letting her pass.

How many artifacts will be left with her when she reaches her destination crossing all the check points ?

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  1. 90 because she has boxes not sacks

  2. With thirty in each box She surrenders three and adjusts the boxes to thirty thirty and balance till tenth post thirty and bal till fifth post and will be left with twenty five after last post.

  3. Answer is 25
    Until she has 3 boxes she has to shed 3 artifacts.
    She will have 2boxes when she passes 10 check points.

    Next check point onwards she has to pay 2 artifacts because she has only 2boxes in hand.

    She would continue to pay 2boxes per check post, hence after 15 check post she has balance of 1box with 30 artifacts.

    Now she had passed 25 check point and need to cross 5 more.

    From the next post onwards she only need to pay 1artifacts for her 1 box.

    After 5 posts, her balance will be 25 artifacts