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Triangle Counting Puzzle

Triangle Counting Puzzle - 3 November

Solve the counting puzzle by finding the number of triangles in the figure below .

For Solution : Click Here


  1. Replies
    1. 44 is correct :)
      16 single
      16 (made with 2 singles)
      8 (made with 4 singles)
      4 (made with 8 singles)

  2. I agree with Vivek Tiwari.... 40

  3. 16 + (8x2) + (4x2) + (1x2) + (1x2) (the answer that was posted as the solution) even equals 44, but apparently someone didn't add it correctly...
    16+16+8+2+2 =
    32+8+4 =
    40+4 =

  4. 44 because 8x2=16.take the other 16 add it to that 16 and you get 32 then 4x2=8 take the 32 and add them you get 40 then 1x2=2 40+2=42 and it says 1x2 twice so add another 2 and get 44.Stupid internet.Learn how to math lol...or maybe they did the whole thing wrong.Come on guys just think deeper if they said 16+(8x2)+(4x2)+(1x2)+(1x2) then maybe they did that part wrong! They must of typed it wrong or something because all they need to do is type in one wrong number and then we get a tottaly different answer. So maybe they did that or they just don't pay attention in math class lol.But whatever.