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Impossible Riddle To Solve

Impossible Riddle To Solve - 28 December

If this sentence is not true then I can fly like superman.

As per the above sentence, can I fly like superman ?

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  1. There is no answer to this question as it is a paradox

  2. 2 ans I found:
    1. Yes and No; it's a paradox
    2. The whole sentence is a lie(he has mental issues, thinks he can fly, ha?)

  3. Yes because it says "If this sentence is true, then I can fly like superman," which is a true statement.

    1. Says the guy who didn't notice the word NOT in the sentence. People should all caps NOT more often.

  4. He cannot fly because the sentence is true because he just said it. if the sentence was not true then it would not be up here in the first place. Besides it would be all over the news that he could fly. But its not so HA.