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Inmobi Interview Bottle Puzzle

Inmobi Interview Bottle Puzzle - 16 December

There are two bottles that consists of different pills each. You must take the two pills at the same time and if you forget, or just take one of them or take two of the same kind, you will die a miserable death. In a hurry, you pour from both the bottles at the same time and three pills fall down in your hand.

Now you can’t throw away the pills as they are quite rare to be found. Also both of the pills look exactly the same and have all the characteristics similar. How will you ensure that you don’t take a wrong pill and die ?

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  1. I will give a solution assuming you notice the number of pills that fall from each bottle. Since there are only 3 pills, it's likely you will notice that number.

    For example assume there are 2 pills from bottle 1 and 1 from bottle 2.

    Now take 1 more pill from bottle 2 to equalize the number.

    Then cut the 4 pills in to two halves and consume all the top halves. Save the bottom halves for the next day.

  2. since you always take only one pill you must count the number of pills left in the bottles. One bottle would have lesser no. of pills. so now you know that you have how many pills from which bottle after this the solution of GOKU (above comment) can be applied !

  3. @Akhand: Once again you are assuming that we started with equal number of pills on both bottles.