#1 - Adobe Cool Logical Interview Puzzle

Suppose you are sitting in an interview and the interviewee asks you an aptitude question.

You have three buckets with capacity 4 liters, 8 liters and 10 liters and you have a large tank of water. Now you have to measure 3 liters of water precisely using those buckets. How will you do it?

Adobe Cool Logical Interview Puzzle

It is impossible. The reason is that we are asked to measure 3 liters which is an odd number but the buckets we have can contain even liters of water only (4, 8 and 10). If you hoped to fill any of the bucket half, you will not be precise in measurement.

#2 - Tricky Logical Puzzle

I have one of the three numbers: 1, 2 or 3 in my mind. I speak only truth. You can ask me just one question for which I will only reply in yes or no or don't know. What question will you ask from me so that you are able to know the number?

Tricky Logical Puzzle

You will ask, I am thinking of a number from 2 and 3. Is the number I am thinking of smaller than or equal to the number you have in your mind?

Now, if I reply no, then the number is 1.
If I reply yes, then the number is 3.
If I reply don't know, then the number is 2.

#3 - Crack The Code Puzzle

During a secret mission, an agent gave the following code to the higher authorities

However the information is in one word only and the rest are fake. To assist the authorities in understanding better, he also sent them a clue – If I tell you any one character of the code, you can easily find out the number of vowels in the code word.

Can you find out the code word?

Crack The Code Puzzle

The code word is TIE.

Suppose if you are told a character of MOD, then you can’t identify if the number of vowels are one or two. Suppose that the character you are told of is M, then you can associate two words with it i.e. AIM (that has two vowels) and MOD (that has 1 vowel). You can say the same regarding other characters O and D as well.

Thus all those words that comprises of M, O or D in them can be ruled out. This points us to TIE. If you check with the characters of TIE, you will agree that it stands true for each of the characters of the word. Thus this is the code word.

#4 - Mind Boggling Riddle

Sai caught 10 fishes without an I,
9 were deprived of tail
6 were headless
And half of 8
He weighed on a trusted scale
Can you find out if he asks you?
How many fishes were there in his basket?

Mind Boggling Riddle


He catches 10 fishes without an I or 1 according to Roman numeral. Taking off 1 from 10 makes it 0. Cutting the tail of 9 makes it zero. Removing the head of 6 makes it zero. Slicing 8 in half makes it zero as well. Thus in total, he caught zero fishes.

#5 - Famous Probability Problem

You are offered an opportunity of winning a fortune. There are 100 precious black stones and 100 unworthy white stones. There are two different sacks labelled as "Heads" and "Tails". You can distribute the stones as per you wish. Then a coin will be flipped. Then you will have to choose a stone from the corresponding sack. If you pick up a black stone, all the fortune of black stones is yours but if you pick up white, you get nothing.

How will you distribute the stones so that you can maximize your chances of winning?

Famous Probability Problem

If you put a single precious black stone in one bag and all the others in the other bag, it will give you almost three/fourth of the probability of picking up a precious black stone.

#6 - Maths Brain Twister

Two natural numbers are having a sum less than 100 and are both greater than one.

Ned knows the product of the numbers and Shawn knows the sum of numbers.

The following conversation takes place between them:
Ned: 'I am not aware of those numbers.'
Shawn: 'I knew you wouldn't be. I am not aware myself.'
Ned: 'Now I know them!'
Shawn: 'Now I know them, too!'

What are the two numbers?

Maths Brain Twister

Product is 52 and sum is 17. The numbers are 4 and 13.

#7 - IQ Riddle

Its a test that will check your IQ.
Suppose you have one 11 minute hourglass and one 13 minute hourglass.

Can you measure exactly fifteen minutes using them ?

IQ Riddle

First Step: Invert both the hourglasses.

Second step: When the 11 min hourglass is finished, invert it.

Third Step: When the 13 min hourglass is finished, flip the 11 min hourglass would have lost only 2 minutes till now. On inverting, we get to measure those two minutes.
Now 13 + 2 = 15 minutes.

In this way, fifteen minutes can be measured in just 3 steps.

#8 - Deductive Maths Jabong Interview Puzzle

There is a non vegetarian restaurant which sells chicken in orders of 6, 9 and 20.

Calculate the maximum number of chicken pieces you cannot order from that restaurant ?

Deductive Maths Jabong Interview Puzzle


If you analyze, then you will find that all the 6 numbers divisible by 3 can be ordered. Why? Because you can break them own as the sum of 6 and 9.
Now after 26, all the numbers that are divisible by 3 if subtracted by 40 can be obtained.
After 46, all the numbers will fit into one of the above categories and thus all such numbers can be obtained. But 43 will be last number that will not fall into one of the above categories.
44 = 20 + 6 * 4, 45 = 6 * 6 + 9

#9 - Hard Calendar Puzzle

A contest is held on international level in December 2013. The finale of it is between an American and a British kid. Only name and date have to be mentioned on the paper for checking purpose. But when the checkers check it, they find out that both of them have same names. The papers cannot be told apart in any manner now.

What is the date of competition ?

Hard Calendar Puzzle

The date is 12 December 2013. For any other date, the checkers would have been able to identify the papers. Why? Because the British people write dates in Day/Month/Year Format and the American people write date in Month/Day/Year format. On 12 December, the date and month will be the same and thus there is no way to distinguish when the names are same as well.

#10 - Math Logic Riddle

A poor villager grows mango in his land and sells them in the town. The town is 1000 miles away from the village. He has rented a truck for transporting the mangoes to the town. The truck can carry 1000 mangoes at one time and this season, he was able to yield 3000 mangoes.

There is a problem. At each mile till the town, there is a check post at which he must give one mango each while travelling towards the town. However, if he is travelling from the town towards his village, he won’t have to give anything.

Tell a way in which the villager can take highest possible number of mangoes to the town.

Math Logic Riddle

First of all, he will have to make three trips of 1000 mangoes till 333 miles. After that, he will be left with 2001 mangoes and 667 more miles to go.

Then he must take two trips of 1000 mangoes covering 500 miles more. Doing this, he will be left with 1000 mangoes and 167 remaining miles to reach the town. (He will have to leave a mango behind)

Lastly, he will have to travel the rest of 167 miles with the remaining 1000 mangoes and by the time he reaches town, he will be left with 833 mangoes.