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Adobe Cool Logical Interview Puzzle

Adobe Cool Logical Interview Puzzle - 30 January

Suppose you are sitting in an interview and the interviewee asks you an aptitude question.

You have three buckets with capacity 4 liters, 8 liters and 10 liters and you have a large tank of water. Now you have to measure 3 liters of water precisely using those buckets. How will you do it?

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  1. Where is your odd numbered bucket? Can't make odds from evens and be precise as you imply we can.

  2. It is impossible. The reason is that we are asked to measure 3 liters which is an odd number but the buckets we have can contain even liters of water only (4, 8 and 10). If you hoped to fill any of the bucket half, you will not be precise in measurement.

  3. It's possible you dummies you fill the 4 liter bucket a quarter full then you dump that water in to another buck it then you go back and fill the bucket up half way and dump it in the other bucket with the 1 liter in it.

    How's it work you ask?
    The 4 liter bucket if filled half way it's two liters so if only filled a quarter of the way it's only 1 liter then dump it in to a separate bucket then fill it back up but half way so it two liters then dump it with the other two liters

  4. 1. Fill the 10 litter bucket and remove 8 litter water into 8 litter the 2 litter water in 4 litter bucket.
    2. Again fill 10 litter bucket and remove half of 10 litter water into 8 litter bucket.
    3. Now Put the 2 litter water from 10 litter bucket to 4 litter bucket untill full.
    4. Now you can get the 3 litter water in 10 litter bucket.

    Please correct me if I post wrong..