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Cute Riddle

Cute Riddle - 16 January

There was a kingdom in which the king had no heir to take over his thrown. Even the queen was dead and he himself was on the verge of dying. He thought about it and then summoned all of the teenagers. He gave one seed each to all of them and asked them to grow the plant. He announced that the one with the most beautiful plant will become the king/queen of the empire after the death of the king.

After a month, all of them were called. The king looked at all of the plants but announced the girl with empty pot as the queen of the empire. Why?

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  1. The girl may have removed the plant from the pot and instead planted it outside, allowing it to grow beyond it's boundaries. A ruler must put his own personal interests behind, and must instead focus on the growth and well-being of his subjects.

  2. Had she not perhaps planted the seed in the field to grow a crop instead of a single plant.

  3. All the seeds were fake or should not grow anything