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Famous Probability Problem

Famous Probability Problem - 23 January

You are offered an opportunity of winning a fortune. There are 100 precious black stones and 100 unworthy white stones. There are two different sacks labelled as 'Heads' and 'Tails'. You can distribute the stones as per you wish. Then a coin will be flipped. Then you will have to choose a stone from the corresponding sack. If you pick up a black stone, all the fortune of black stones is yours but if you pick up white, you get nothing.

How will you distribute the stones so that you can maximize your chances of winning?

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  1. One black stone in one of the sacks, and the rest 199 in the other sack.

  2. don't put any white stones in any of the bags?

    1. Best Answer! The puzzle should specify that all stones must be placed into one of the sacks, but it does not specify this. Therefore, your answer gives a 100% probability of choosing a black stone. You win.