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Sherlock Holmes The Sign of Three Logic Riddle

Sherlock Holmes The Sign of Three Logic Riddle - 17 January

A man is found murdered in his bathroom naked with blood scattered all around him. The bathroom was locked from inside and there is no trace of any struggle. There is nothing in the bathroom except his pant with the belt still around and his shirt. Also, the medic team can't find any incision in his body that may have been the reason behind so much of blood loss.

The Police department is clueless regarding this murder mystery. But Sherlock solve the case.
Can you ?

Spoiler Alert : Inspired by Sherlock Holmes Season 3 Episode 2 (The Sign of Three)

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  1. a sharp pointed tool was attached in his belt,as soon as he opened the belt ,the skin got punctured and the blood started to flow and he died because of it

    1. then that tool should have been spotted by the police

  2. It's his belt that killed him. He had a stalker who inserted a sharp pointy thing in his belt and when he would open it, he dies.The name of this case is 'The Bloody Guardsmen' . Watched it. Super Awesome!

  3. What I don´t get is why Jonathan Small (the murderer) stalked the guardsman. Why didn´t he just kill him if he wanted to try out the MO and then moved on to Major Sholto? Why did he have to watch and photograph the guardsman?