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Suicide Riddle

Suicide Riddle - 25 January

A man is found dead. When the investigation is done, he is found dead with a knife in his back. A chair sits beside him and the forensic team finds moisture around the body.

If he committed suicide, how did he do it?

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  1. He put a kinfe in a block of ice, and jumped from the chair to stab himself in the back. see Detective Conan chapter 7~9

    1. I think that chapter is also episode 2 in the anime XD Either way I also knew the answer because of it. (Thanks Aoyama xP)

  2. I just watched Star-trek deep space nine Season 1 episode 3 for an explanation. I don't want to break the suspense. The moisture part was missing, but some other evidence shows up.

  3. He didn't commit suicide. I mean...... C'mon who the hell would stabs their own back when they've got loads of other places to stab..... It isn't believable