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Hard Math Question

Hard Math Question - 13 February

A generous owner of a company decided to give a bonus of $45 to every man and $60 to every woman on his birthday. But only one ninth of the men and one twelfth of woman were present to take the bonus.

Can you calculate the amount of money the owner spent if there were 3552 employees ?

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  1. Total $17760 /- spent as bonus on his birthday.

    1. My Logic:
      Let total no of male emp be X and female emp be Y.
      We know X+Y = 3552.
      total employees present on his birthday were (X/9+Y/12)
      so total expense was (45X/9+60Y/12)
      solving the above equation gives value 17760...

    2. i completely agree with shrikant chavan's answer

  2. Take note of the use of the word "decided"
    He decided but never actually gave it out there's a difference.

    So no, he hasn't spent anything.