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Hardest Riddle Ever Made

Hardest Riddle Ever Made - 11 February

Dr. Doom invited a group of puzzle fanatics in a party which was oriented for having puzzle oriented games. At night, he introduced the guests with a 'unique riddle'. A prize was offered for the one who solved it first.

The guests included six people named Tom Paul, Fox Obama, Jeremy Reener, Alex Murphy, Prim Pastor, and Ellen Page. The winner for the 'unique riddle' contest was to be announce after the dinner. So Dr. Doom stood up and started the announcement:

'Okay now everybody!'
'The winner of…'
'The Hardest Riddle Ever Event'

But before he could complete, the light went out and his voice was not heard without the mic by anyone. But they already knew who the winner was. Can you deduce the name of the winner?

Hardest Riddle Ever Made Event Winner

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  1. Prim Pastor cause PP ...Dr. Doom DD

  2. Doom was again victorious.
    Doom constructed a riddle that was 'unique', such that only he would know the answer. Xavier or some other telepath would surely not miss an opportunity to glimpse the workings of Doom's mind. Doom would watch carefully, noting the approaches and rate of progress on the riddle. The psychic would demonstrate a specific set of reasoning that Doom himself would concentrate upon, revealing himself. Doom would ensure to gain every scrap of knowledge the telepath had before it was executed the following morning.

    Other possible solution:
    The phrasing of 'unique riddle' was non-trivial, and literal. There is only one copy of the riddle, and it was passed sequentially through each contestant who revealed their answers before passing. Therefore the contestant who won would have already announced their victory and been known to all.

  3. One, two, three... Answer must be "FO" (Fox Obama)

  4. In other words, Fox Obama Unique Riddle

  5. Everyone won!!
    Each received a "unique riddle"
    So when Doom announced the wiiner he was reffering to everybody

  6. Why not Alex Murphy as "AM" (similar to "I am")?

  7. Not up to the mark