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Logic Physics Riddle

Logic Physics Riddle - 8 February

Imagine that you have a box which have two cogwheels – one big with 24 teeth and one small with 8 teeth. The big one is firmly attached to the center of the box which means it does not turn or move while the small one rotates around the big one.

How many times do you think that the smaller wheel will turn compared to the box when it turns once around the big one?

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1 comment:

  1. The smaller wheel would turn 4 times when it turns around the bigger wheel once.

    Let the radius of bigger wheel is 24 units and that of smaller wheel is 8 units.
    (Used some concepts of rotational motion-physics)
    Distance covered by the centre of mass of smaller wheel in one rotation is 2*pi*r=16pi units square
    Distance needed to be covered by the centre of mass of the smaller wheel when turning around the bigger wheel is the perimeter of the circle having radius = 8+24 units
    perimeter=2*pi*r=64pi units square
    Therefore,no of turns required=64/16=4