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Logical Brain Teaser

Logical Brain Teaser - 15 February

A landlord calls both of his sons and tells them that their horses will now decide who will be transferred the inheritance. He tells them to race along the land till the end and the one whose horse will be slower will win and be the heir to all the property.

Both of them keep wandering for days but to no result. Then they ask a wise man regarding it. The man advises them over the matter after which they jump on the horses and race as fast as they could till the end. Why did they do it?

What did the wise man say?

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  1. He told them to switch horses.

    1. but what would be the benefit of switching? Even in that case one horse will be winner and other horse will be loser.

      Yes but the race would be fair. Is the question asks about fairness?

    2. It says "the one whose horse will be slower will win". If they switch horses, they will both want the horse they are now riding to be the faster horse.

  2. He said that if you don't actually RACE to the end then neither of them will get it.

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