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UK Logical Picture Riddle

UK Logical Picture Riddle - 6 February

Can you identify the direction in which this bus is moving; left or right?

Hint: The bus is moving on the roads of UK.

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  1. the bus is moving on right side....because in UK vehicles move on left side of road...and the buses have entry nd exit door on left side...

    As in this pic no door is visible..hence door is on other side nd bus is moving right...

  2. The bus is moving on the Left side of the road since they are on UK roads.

  3. yes, the bus is on the left of the road, but the bus is going on the right side.

  4. left road left side

  5. As a bus driver I can confirm the answer provided is wrong.Imagine standing on a pavement and that bus passed you travelling to the left,how would you get on it,the door is on the other it must be travelling to the right