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Easy Maths Riddle

Easy Maths Riddle - 27 March

A man had seven children. Upon receiving his salary, he called all of them. He had $100 with him to give to his children. He decided to start with the youngest child and then give $2 more than each younger child to his next elder child.

For example, if he gives $x to the youngest child, he will give $(x+2) to the next one, $[(x+2) + 2] to the next one and so on.

Can you find out how much did the youngest one receive?

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  1. He gave about $8,29 to the youngest

    7X + 12 = 100

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  3. For younger one he can give $49 and for last elder one he can give $51
    Totally he can have only two child .

  4. this problem has an error in it. solution says $16, but if he have all 7 of his children at least 16 bucks thats 112 without adding $2 (n-1)times... sigh