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Easy Murderer Mystery Riddle

Easy Murderer Mystery Riddle - 24 March

A man plots the murder of his wife. His plan is full proof. Nobody saw them leaving their house. He stabbed her with a knife while driving. She died on the spot. He threw her body in a valley. He threw the knife carefully wiping his finger prints on a random garbage bin. Then he went back to his home and no one was watching him this time as well.

After an hour, he was called by the local police department who informed him that his wife was murdered. They asked him to reach the scene of crime immediately. But as soon as he arrived at the crime scene, he was arrested by them.

How did the police know that he himself is the murderer?

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  1. He was not told about the crime place

  2. Exactly. They never mentioned the location of the murder. So how could he know where to go?

  3. There's blood in the car.

  4. because they never told him where his wife's body was

  5. The man did'nt said where the crime scene was so how did the police knew where?

  6. oh that's just stupid.....
    Man: hello
    police: hellow sir, we found your wife murdered
    man; omg... huhuhuhuhu thats just sad
    police: please come here...
    man: ok...

    Is it really possible people will forget to ask 'where' if they are asked to go to somewhere?

  7. Duh how did he know where the crime scene was?