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Hard Maths Cube Riddle

Hard Maths Cube Riddle - 19 March

You are given a cube that is made with the help of 10x10x10 smaller cubes summing up to a total of 1000 smaller cubes. You are asked to take off one layer of the cubes.

How many remain now?

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  1. Im not sure about this ... either I am wrong or the question is pretty simple ... 900.

  2. If you take off 1 layer
    It should rest a 8x8x8 smallers cubes
    or 512 cubes

  3. if you take one layer, its only 10 individual cubes of the top layer.. so you are left with 990.

  4. probably 940 is remaining.. as we take out the top layer comprising of 100 cubes and each cube has 6 faces which means 10 x 6 = 60 will be taken off from the top layer and the remaining would be 940.

  5. Top layer and bottom layer are 10X10=100*2= 200
    Remaining four outer layers are 72 squares each (8*9) 72*4=288

    488-1000=512 :D